BMH 480

The self-propelled Biomass Harvester BMH 480 was developed to harvest biomass from vertical or horizontal stands. The H600 mounted head is equipped with two horizontal and two vertical feed rollers, positioned on each side, and is operated using a 469 HP-powered carrier unit. The integrated high tilt collection bin of the BMH 480 has a capacity of 25 m³ and provides sufficient space for harvested biomass. This system simplifies the process chain and no transport vehicle needs to be used simultaneously. The BMH 480 collects the material and brings it to collection areas such as containers, which can be transported if required. Our proven and tested cab design also provides the driver with the upmost of working comfort.



Engine Power 345 kW / 469 HP

Engine Type Cat C15

Speed ​​max. [km / h] 5

Weight [kg] with a mulcher (without a mulcher) 28200

Chassis Size D5H

Width of standard base plate [mm] 600

Ground Pressure [kg / cm²] 0.64

Ability to overcome ascents up / to the side [degrees] 30 ° / 30 °

Machine dimensions incl. Mulcher (length x width x height) in mm 9200 X 2950 X 4500