Whether standing tree-stock or logging debris, biomass from the re-cultivation of extensively used areas or thinned forest areas on skid trails – the H600 harvests, shreds and blows the shredded material through the discharge chute into a trailer or collecting bin. All in one step. No matter how chaotically bushes and trees have grown, are standing or lying, the H600 will clear them up. Row-less and in combination with the RT 400 carrier vehicles, can be operated in very difficult terrain. The machine leaves behind a clean pathway and piles of biomass that can be re-used immediately – for energy generation or substrate recovery.



Power range [hp] 230-400

Working width [mm] 2300

Weight [kg] 5340

Effective rotor diameter [mm] 600

Carbide cutters 28, 28 sharp

Three-point linkage KAT III & IV