Landclearing machine

No forest too thick and no challenge to big




No terrain to difficult and no work too particular




Prinoth rotovators create the best conditions…

About deforestation

Deforestation of problem areas is a very important event, as well as a necessity, if the territory is neglected and interferes with the normal functioning of the utilities of the city or the residential areas are affected.

Biomass Harvesting

The processing of biomass energy is increasing constantly and now represents a significant part of the energy supply. Our products, however, differ from conventional biomass harvesters.


  • Maximum service life
  • Flexible replacement
  • The best grinding quality
  • No imbalance after cutting tools

Thanks to PRINOTH cutting tool system, PRINOTH can professionally solve various tasks with maximum grinding quality and longest service life.

Technique for deforestation

PRINOTH vehicles are for all types of terrain, they are specially designed for use with forest mulchers.